Criminal Record Removal

CRR was started with a single purpose in mind - to help our clients put their criminal records behind them for good, allowing them to move forward in life.


Top notch services

We are only firm in South Africa to focus solely on criminal expungement. This dedication allows us to not only provide you with top notch expungement services, but to provide these services at the absolute lowest fixed prices. All of our fixed prices are listed on this website, and we promise that there will never be any hidden fees or costs. Get Started >>

It's about people

Our firm is about people. It is about knowing that there are few things more rewarding than helping people get the most out of their life. The members of this firm are blessed to be able to make a difference for scores of people each month. Client Testimonials >>

National Expungement Firm

We serve the entire country of South Africa, from rural towns to metropolitan cities, we are here to help you with your expungement needs. If you are outside of South Africa you can still apply as long as it's a South African criminal record. Learn More >>

Best Results

Once you sign up for one of our expungement packages your case will be handled, from beginning to end, by an experienced and knowledgeable case manager. We will apply our unique expertise in South African record clearing and expungement laws to the unique details of your situation, and will tirelessly strive to get the absolute best outcome for you and your family. Expungement Showcase >>