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Expunge your criminal record with a trusted, national record clearing and expungement firm.

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Adriaan M

"I am extremely happy with the professional manner in which your team expedited my case. I will recommend your company to any person deserving same. All my complaints were handled very swiftly. Three cheers to your team for their professionalism."

- Adriaan M Auto Repair

"The entire CRR team is so friendly, helpful and the service and progress on my criminal record removal was excellent! I will really do some advertising for you. Be blessed as a Company and keep up the great work!"

- Destiny Call Centre

"Congratulations to CRR for the efficient and professional manner in which they successfully conducted my application for the Expungement of my Criminal Record.I recommend this Company to anyone who is considering applying for the expungement."

- Vanessa Admin Assistant

"Hi, My name is Imraan I am so excited to say that I have a clean record and Thanks to them, when I started the journey I must say I was skeptic because of their low fees but I still did it telling myself that I have more to gain as we went along, I was impressed with the way they handled my case, they kept me up to date with what was happening then I knew i was on track. Today Voila I have a clean record THANK YOU CRR"

- Imraan Happy Customer
Naseem S.

"I got caught for drinking and driving 14 years ago and battled to get a PDP. CRR made it all seamless. I got my case expunged as if it never happened. I went to renew my PDP thinking they will still notice and was told a week later it's all clear ready for collection. Thank you CRR.. just wish I had done it sooner."

- Naseem S. Uber Driver

"To whom it may concern I would like to compliment CRR on their exceptional service ! They gave me sound professional advise and gave me precise and valuable feedback . Not only were they extremely professional but gave all the relevant info and treat my concerns as though they were their own ! I would highly recommend your services."

- Paul Shop Owner
T. Zandile

"Still can't believe it thank you thank you thank you... you will not believe how my criminal record was holding me back. Removed successfully as promised"

- T. Zandile Job Seeker
Patrick N.

"The service is fantastic,I didn't have any problem with CRR, The process was very fast,there was no delay and I am very happy.Thank you"

- Patrick N. Truck Driver

"happy and impressed with the service i received from them they really did a good job at removing my criminal record once and for all - do not use any other company they will waste your time and money - they are the way to go."

- Bradley Training Instructor

"CRR's staff was really helpful. They kept me updated all the time. They also provided the service like they promised."

- Morake Courier Delivery
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