How It Works

We've made removing your criminal record a super easy online process.

It usually takes about 5 minutes* to complete:

Upload supporting documents (initially we just need to review your recent criminal report, or simply order** a high-speed one from us).
We'll review your documents to make sure everything is in order (free expungement assessment, with no obligation to continue).
When you are ready, make a total payment of R1895** (payment only required once we've reviewed your documents, no hidden fees).
Application prepared & submitted in 3-4 business days.

What will you need from me?

The entire* process can be done online, from anywhere in the world, through your Dashboard.

Initially, we just need your criminal report so we may assess your options (it is also required for every successful expungement application). In addition, if you decide to continue, we'll need a copy of your ID or passport plus online consent that we may act on your behalf. View check-list.

*Subject to providing your own valid criminal report (upload to determine if it's valid). If you need a criminal report, this is subject to the capture of your digital fingerprints (a once off 10 minute process at over 200 convenient locations nationwide). Check if my digital fingerprints are captured.
How long does it take?

Our flagship Criminal Record Removal package, which over 90% of clients qualify for, takes 3-4 business days* to fully prepare your expungement application and submit to the Department of Justice.

Once delivered, the Department of Justice (DoJ) will take 12-14 weeks** to validate and approve the removal of your qualifying convictions. Once approved, the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) will be instructed*** to remove your criminal record within 21 business days. The CRC will then issue you with an expungement certificate confirming the criminal convictions removed from your criminal record (expungement).

*From the time you stop asking this question ;) **Excludes the initial processing time by the DoJ to capture and acknowledge your application. ***The instruction process can take up to 14 days.
How much does it cost?

Over 90% of clients qualify for our flagship Criminal Record Removal package (either now or at some point in the future). This total cost R1895. This price is all inclusive with a full 100% money back guarantee. Payment is only required once we've reviewed your criminal report and know that we can file your application immediately. There is no obligation to continue once we've reviewed your criminal report. Everything will be securely stored in your Dashboard until you are ready.

We offer specialized criminal record removal packages for complex matters (subject to a full Expungement Assessment).
What is a criminal report?

A criminal report (or police clearance certificate) is a document that lists your past convictions (known to us as a SAPS69 report). This document is required to successfully remove any criminal record.

What does a criminal report look like?


I have more questions.

Contact Us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. There's also a full list of Frequently Asked Questions for you to read.

Expert Preperation

Expert preparation of your expungement application by us, the leading top-rated, experienced firm in South Africa.

Fast Courier Delivery

Fast courier delivery of your expungement application to the Department of Justice (DoJ) in Pretoria. We'll provide you with delivery confirmation the moment it reaches the DoJ.

Confirmation Letter

A signed confirmation letter from us confirming that we are in progress removing your eligible conviction(s). This letter has proven useful in securing employment in the interim.


After you receive approval that your eligible conviction(s) can be removed, the DoJ submits a request to the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) to remove your criminal record from the national database. The CRC will provide you with a Certificate of Expungement once complete (Remember to send us a copy for our Expungement Showcase :)

*If you already have copy of a recent criminal report which you can upload. Free to Get Started, payment is only be made once we have all your supporting documents (Pre-Approval) and you decide to proceed (No Obligation). **Pricing and timelines based on our most popular Criminal Record Removal package (over 90% of clients qualify). Excludes the cost of R395 for a new criminal report (if don't have one).

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