When will South Africans have their lockdown arrests, fines expunged?

It is a question tens of thousands of people fined for infringements of the Covid-19 state of disaster regulations would like answered: when will their criminal records be wiped?

More than 400,000 people were arrested during the hard lockdown.

While some received warnings, those who paid an admission of guilt fine have criminal records that could stand in the way of them getting employment or travelling overseas, said AfriForum.

The organisation has written to justice minister Ronald Lamola to ask when an amnesty and/or expungement process will be effected.

The organisation said it has received several complaints from people who are “negatively affected by a criminal record because they did not obey the often-ridiculous lockdown regulations”.

“Government has hinted in the past that these records will be expunged and we want to know when this is going to happen.”

Lamola was asked if he is aware of steps being taken by the parliamentary portfolio committee on justice and correctional services to provide a form of amnesty and/or expungement process for South Africans or if the ministry is considering taking steps to propose legislation or enact regulations to do so.